Juggling……. Life.


“Circus Act” 24″ X 24″ Acrylic on Gallery Wrap Canvas http://www.pameladunmirefineart.com

Sometimes I have so much to do that I feel like a Juggler in the Circus; precariously positioned on a box, with both hands grabbing for all the different balls I have put into place.  I envisioned when I stepped into the entrepreneurial arena, that time would be my own to decide.  But that ain’t necessarily so…….  Deadlines that others impose, pressures I put upon my self… and of course the family that I sometimes feel I disappoint.  Am I standing in a three ring circus, or do I just not have that time management thing down pat?

Wait a minute….. I asked for this…… didn’t I say I wanted to be a working artist.

What I have come to realize is that when I step into the studio, and create from my heart…… and not let others influence my creativity, time is not a problem.  I create my own time…. there is always enough.  Now as the Juggler, my performance is flawless, my act is creative, I am the star.

Each day when I set my intention to do everything from a heart centered self, with God as my compass; the juggling becomes easy, the balls stay in the air till that perfect execution of time, when they fall easily into my hands.

Yes….. I am a Circus Act, and the Star to boot….



Chasing the Dream……

“Chasing the Dream” 36″ x 36″ Acrylic on Gallery Wrap Canvas http://www.pameladunmirefineart.com

I just came back from an incredible week-long workshop with Jeanne Bessette, in Raleigh, NC.  WOW, all heart and inner work…. Kinda Scary, right, but all so revealing…. I discovered the REAL ME…

What a wonderful freeing moment to find the true, unaltered, depth of the soul me. To discover, that much of what I was chasing in life was actually someones else agenda. As I looked at a person’s life and would think, I want that…don’t they look happy, aren’t they rich and famous.  I was chasing their dreams.  No wonder I was treading water, when I was trying to swim a marathon.

One must find their own journey through life, one that suits them down to their bones; one that leaves them sobbing with fear and excitement. The goosebumps just popped….. That’s the feeling you want…

During my week-long transformation I created many soul-searching paintings.  “Chasing the Dream” above, was that break through piece that switched the energy level from mildly excited to Holy Moly…. I got this.

Chase your true bone defining, goosebumps popping dream and step into it.  Your peeps will find you.



That perfect love.

Well here it is Valentines Day, that time of year when we publicly avow our love to those we hold dear.  Or maybe it is a commercial endeavor by the greeting card and candy companies.

Many of you are singles, for various reasons and Valentines can be difficult…..  Or we have had a heartbreaking experience that makes Valentines an awful anniversary.

It took me many years to appreciate Valentines….. Once I learned to love myself, forgive others and discover the perfect love; I began to truly understand this day.  My perfect love is Christ centered. A love that comes from deep in to all humanity; even those I don’t like I try to love.

It’s hard to love our enemies, how about ISIS, the epitome of evil, or the person down the street who isn’t like me. Or that pesky person who tries to get me to think their way.  How can you love someone like them?

God tells us to love our enemies and to forgive our enemies, I try each day during meditation to send blessings though out the world especially those places and to those people who I find difficult to love.

Those who may find blessings may learn to love, may themselves begin to forgive, and turn away from evil.  They may learn to accept others put down their swords or barbed tongues and love in peace.

Today I wish all of you a perfect love, and many blessings on this Valentines Day.

Pushing Forward….Life Lessons

"Pushing Forward"  24"T x 18"W  Acrylic on Gallery Wrap Canvas. http://www.pameladunmirefineart

“Pushing Forward” 24″T x 18″W Acrylic on Gallery Wrap Canvas.

Some days you awake mired in problems, wanting to reveal your true self, but afraid to move forward.  Fear takes over, for no good reason and unmet dreams fade away.

We have all had days like this, where no matter what you try, you feel stuck.  As an artist, this happens frequently….. I have repainted a canvas, so many times it becomes heavy.  It is usually my fear of failure rearing it’s ugly head.  Instead of joyously walking into the studio for a day of experimentation, I conjure up self-talk, “I have to produce that perfect painting”.

When I stop and let go…. feel the presence of God…..and tap into my own energy that is when I can push forward and create from my soul.

This doesn’t just happen in the studio, it can happen in everyday life.  Find your center, connect with God and lean into your true energy and you can accomplish what ever you desire.  Try Pushing Forward.


Digging Deep

The Faires Are Hidding

“The Fairies are Hiding” 18″ x 18″ on Gallery Wrap http://www.pameladunmirefineart.com

Sometimes it is scary to really search your feelings.  To dig down deep into the heart of your soul.  This is where the fairies live. That magical deep-rooted inner soul that knows what is best for me.  My God centered self.  It is where I am in touch with my energy, what I know to be true about me.

As an artist, I have a gift “to bring these fairies out”, so to speak, through a visual pallet, my canvas….  It helps me to see the true me.  My hopes, dreams and demons.

My inner world can be very colorful, serene or chaotic, which ever I choose to portray.  Today it is hopeful…waiting for those fairies to come out of hiding.


Turning Toward Lent

"Forgiven" 8" x 8"  Acrylic on gallery wrap canvas http://www.pameladunmirefineart.com

“Forgiven” 8″ x 8″ Acrylic on gallery wrap canvas

This time of year as I get ready for Lent, the Chancel Choir at Trinity which I sing Second Soprano in, is rehearsing for their Lenten Cantata.  We are singing the Bradley Ellingboe Requiem this year.  So I am listening to the CD in the studio as I paint.  I find doing this gives me inspiration, and also cements the music in my brain so that I can learn the notes faster.

One of the side effects of this process is that I tend to create more spiritual paintings during this time.  Requiem’s tend to be dark, since they are mostly about Christ’s journey to the Cross, so the painting above reflects the mood.  It also becomes personal for me, as I reflect on the past year and all I want to accomplish in this coming year.

Christ has indeed forgiven and given me grace….. I am truly grateful for all I have been given and the opportunities to thrive as an artist.

This piece is a precursor to a larger painting that I will create for the Cantata.  I am looking forward to see what energies will bubble up and produce the inspiration for the Ellingboe Requiem.



My Seussical Piano


The Cat in the Hat Piano.

What a fun project this was, I love the wonky keyboard.  It was not an original idea, director Joanne Robertson gave me a picture of how she wanted it.  Sorry I can’t give credit due to the masterful designer, just don’t know who it was.

I loved doing it with the construction help of good friend Spike Foley, from Arizona Sound On Site.  Ha Ha, my piano doesn’t really play music, sorry Spike.

Setting Up The Seussical Jr. Sets


The Jungle of Nool, stage left.

This week we set up the sets for Park Avenue’s production of Seussical Jr. which opens February 19th and runs through the 21st.  The youth were so excited when they walked in for Wednesday’s rehearsal and saw them up.  This folks is why I do this…. To see the joy in a young kid’s eye and the enthusiasm to perform their best.


Horton’s Nest, center stage.

Horton’s nest is the central focus of the sets were most action takes place and where the story line evolves.  Speaking of story line here is a preview of what the musical is all about.

Adopted from several of Dr. Seuss’ well-loved books, it is a delightful musical, led by the narrator, The Cat in the Hat.  He tells the story of Horton, an elephant who discovers a speck of dust containing a village of tiny Who’s in Whoville.  Thus the beginning of a whimsical tale as Horton finds himself guarding a nest of abandon eggs,  and all the perils which that brings. Ultimately the powers of friendship, loyalty, family, and community emerge triumphant.  Exactly what we would want to teach all the youth that participate and come to watch our Park Avenue Theater productions.


Whoville with the Cat in the Hat’s piano, stage right.

So now that the sets are up I can start my next adventure which will be a week in North Carolina at Jeanne Bessette’s amazing studio.

Kids….. good luck on your amazing musical.  Ironically I won’t be back in time to actually see the production.  The first time ever not seeing one.  But don’t you miss it, it will be amazing.  I am going to catch a dress rehearsal before I go.

You can see for yourself at Trinity Presbyterian Church, February 19th, 20th at 7:00pm and February 21st at 2pm and 7pm.  Tickets, $10 for adults and $5 for children are available for presale at Trinity Presbyterian Church 630 Park Ave. Prescott, AZ. Monday – Thursday 9am-3pm or at the door.

Creating Seussical Sets.

Starting the sets with the Jungle of Nool..

Starting the sets with the Jungle of Nool..

A five-week marathon of painting started the day after Christmas in 2014. This is when I endeavored to create the most magical sets yet for Park Avenue Theater’s production of Seussical Jr.  It has been a challenge but it is now completed and ready to install on the stage.  The Jungle of Nool, was the first of three levels of sets to be completed for this project.  They included the Jungle of Nool, Horton’s Nest, and Whoville.

I have been doing the Park Avenue Theater sets since the inception of the youth theater.  We have presented 7 outstanding musicals, and this I dare say has been the most challenging, simply because we have different levels of the stage from ground to 5 ft above the stage floor.

My perspective, a stage flat is nothing but a very large painting……. Using large brushes, rollers and indoor flat house paint, anyone with an imagination can create the perfect set, one that will be eye-popping and that provides the visual energy to enhance the musical.

My journey through stage design started 3 years ago, when the director of a fledgling upstart youth theater asked me if I would be willing to give it a try.  “Ah, sure why not.  It can’t be that hard……..”  Oh my, the learning curve was a challenge for an artist who at the time didn’t create anything bigger than a 4′ x 5′ painting.

After the second year, I pretty much figured out the lay of the stage and my limitations for growth.  I found I needed to go up rather than expanding across the stage.  I just didn’t have the room.  Thus started the 12′ tall by 24′ wide pallet with added sections for the side wings.

This year the director Joanne Robertson, and musical director Debby Place, wanted added levels to the production.  Thus we created a 5′ tall nest for Horton The Who.

Stage sets go up this week, and the cast will be ready for opening nite on February 19 at 7:00pm.  Tickets can be purchased at the door. Trinity Church on the corner of Park Ave. and Copper Basin Prescott, AZ.