Compartmentalizing Our Lives

" Compartments" Acrylic on Gallery Wrap Canvas 30" x 30"

” Compartments” Acrylic on Gallery Wrap Canvas
30″ x 30″

Sometimes I put things in boxes and take them out when I need to. It makes life easier.  You know what I mean, I have the ME that my family sees(box #1), and the ME who the public sees(box #2).  I wouldn’t dare leave the house without makeup… but at home sometimes it is just easier to rest the face…giggle.

No really, we do compartmentalize, it is a form of protection and survival.  If you put something in a box and tape it up good and tight, it can’t come out.  That’s what we do with old memories, and slights, and inadequacies, and other things that make us feel less than.  It is also what gives us stress, ulcers, back aches and headaches.

How about those boxes get decorated with pretty bows, so that we look forward to opening them up.  It is alright to put things in Compartments so we can deal with them when the time is right… or it’s safe now… or I’ve grown up; but dealing with all those feeling in those pretty boxes we must do, in order to move forward and be all that we want.

Even in later years, I have had to open boxes that sat on my minds shelf and say, “What the heck is in here, that is making me stuck”.  I found those old saying that I heard as a child, “you are not good enough”, “don’t do that, it’s not how we do things in OUR FAMILY”, “girls should act proper”, yadda yadda…….

Now I just wrap those old boxes up in bright colors with big bows and send them off into the universe…. Those are old memories and slights; not who I am now.. Now my compartments have paint tubes and canvases in them……



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