Arizona Monsoons and why I love them

Monsoon WashSummer can be hot and dry in my neck of the woods, June stirs up such winds that the earth will parch and the fear of wild fires are ever-present.  I always hold my breath during this season.

Along about the 4th of July an amazing present gets delivered from old mother earth.  Wet and wild storms blow through; we call them Monsoons.Just the other night at 3:00 am I was awoken by huge claps of thunder and hail beating down on my skylights.  Man a live I couldn’t sleep the rest of the night.  I ran down to my studio and looked out the window, when a large flash of lightning lit up the sky I saw that my stream bed had turned into a raging torrent. Always worried about flooding, I held my breath.

Well, all was right in the morning once the sun came up and storm clouds had passed.  The stream bed was back to normal, forests were soaked and the birds were feeding on  worms popping out of the fresh juniper scented soil.  I knew the monsoon had done its magic.  This is why I love those beautiful Monsoons.

The painting above I aptly titled “Monsoon Wash” because it depicts the emotions and movement of a gully wash that the monsoon sets in motion.  I love painting the feeling of things.


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