The Square Look…

Follow The Moon

“Follow The Moon” 24″ x 24″ Acrylic on Gallery Wrap Canvas

Today lets look at square paintings.  I have become enamoured  by them, to the point that I almost solely paint on a square canvas unless I am doing a commission for someone.  Squares create a new way to look at a subject, create a feeling, or set a mood.  You no longer need a horizontal to create a landscape or a vertical to create a figurative piece.

For an artist you can break some of the composition rules, and who doesn’t like breaking an occasional rule.  Isn’t that what art is for; Contemporary Art for sure.  I have broken lots of rules, not traffic regulations or anything that would break a law; but I do fly by the seat of my pants occasionally; that’s what us creatives do.

I love the freedom of an unconventional canvas, bring on some triangles would ya. Seriously you can create great drama, excitement and movement with a square canvas.  Contrary to popular belief, squares do not confine you to inside a box. Think outside the box, think paradigm shift, think creativity.

Join me in loving the art of a square…..  OK, OK, I am not a square, I love to party too.

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Creating a Commission… the Ins and Outs


Preparing the UV coating before installation.

I always love to create a custom painting for a collector when ever I am asked.  There is great satisfaction in seeing the collectors eyes light up when they know that this was created just for them and their space.

Sometimes the risk is that they may not like it, or it is not what they envisioned but fortunately I have always come through to their awe, although I may have sweated through it.

These pieces tell that story.  I visited the collectors home and of course the color palette was not what I would usually work in, but never the less I experimented with this pallette.  She wanted BIG FLOWERS, OK…  70’s colors  of Rust Red, Harvest Gold, and Avocado Green, with big flowers, of course I can do that. I started off mixing and matching those colors but she didn’t feel that I was interpreting what she wanted.  So I started over…

She had stated that she didn’t really want any Blue…so I made the sky more sage.  She didn’t like the sky, it was to grey for her , “How about some blue”, she asked.  OK blue it was. “Oh, the blue is to dark”, so I lighten the blue. “To much blue can you put in some fluffy clouds” sure.  So I redid the sky a total of four times, and she proudly stated “You nailed it”.

Sometimes that’s how it goes, an exercise in patience and endurance. But always rewarding, and what better place to be but in the studio painting.


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In my Blue Stage




Last night when I had a gathering in my studio I was asked, ” how do you pick your color palette?”  Well part of it is what mood I am in but a more practical answer would be; I have a favorite art store that I frequently visit to find luscious colors of my favorite paints.

I pick out tubes and bottles of fantastic colors that sing to me at that moment and I take them home, after paying of course. Once home I madly paint all sorts of things until the paint is gone.  That usually sates me for a while. So I go back to my favorite art store and pick out another interesting color combo that again sings to me. Than it starts all over again.

So back to my blue phase,  Blue Bayou was one of those paintings that I started when I was at the “bottom of the bottles” so to speak. It was the last day of the Open Studio Tour and I was demonstrating my painting technique. Running low I got very creative and started adding other combos of paints that were on my table and this amazing piece appeared before my eyes.  Magic happens like that in the studio.

It is kinda like life, if you let it flow many wonderful things can happen.  If you restrict it to just the bottles you have it can become boring.  Change out your color palette every now and then and your life will be fulfilling and happy. Just saying…..