On Making Cookies


These are to pretty to eat…

Cookies, that is what my boys want on Christmas Eve. Not that I could make these beauts  but I am known for my Ribbon Cookies and Raisin Filled Lovelies. Cookies don’t much nourish your body, the dietitians will tell you this, but they do nourish your soul.

Nourishment of the soul comes in many cookie shapes, hugs, a thank you, random gifts of kindness and listening are but a few. Listening, I believe, is one of the best cookies. I learned in my years as a counselor that listening to someone else could feed their souls much better than any other nourishment. People need to be heard otherwise they feel invisible, insignificant, impoverished.

Delivering a plate of cookies and listening to the stories of a shut in senior can nourish your own soul as much as theirs.  This is a difficult time for those who are far away from family, or house bound because of illness.  Let’s all take time to deliver some cookies to those who may need some nourishment.  Hugs, and a patient ear may be all your really need to bake.

Serving up positive-energy through my art and taking time to listen are two of the ways I bring joy and happiness to others.


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