“Hurricanes”  12″ X 9″ Acrylic on Paper

Well, it was bound to happen. An abstract appeared during my 30 paintings in 30 days challenge, and it is aptly named Hurricanes. Abstracts always come from my subconscious and guess what I have been thinking about; the collective safety of all my South Florida and Puerto Rico friends.

When doing abstracts sometimes I don’t notice what I have painted, I usually concentrate on shapes and color.  It wasn’t until I was photographing the painting that I saw the eyes of the hurricane and what do you know there were 3 of them; Irma, Jose and Katia.

This little exercise in creativity is making me very aware of my mindfulness, and how deep I go into meditation when I paint.

I am enjoying the journey as I discover myself one painting at a time.


An original 12" X 9" acrylic on paper ready to mat and frame. Free Shipping in US.



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