“Before The Storm” 9″ X 12″ Acrylic on Paper

Today as Floridians are waiting for Irma’s landfall I have been following some of my friends posts on Face Book, and their struggles and fears of losing the life they have been accustom to.  The concerns of not having a home to come back to, or what possessions they may end up with.  In the past I have been able to keep a one degree distance from the crisis; an easier path to observe and then pray for my fellow victims. This time it feels more personal.

I have close friends and relatives in the eye of the storm, knowing their fears and struggles, I somehow feel it deeper this time. My one friend who was fearful for her pets as she had to leave them behind hunkered down in the house as she boarded a plane. I wonder how those house cats will do as the pressure increases and they hear the storm approaching. My other friend’s mother choosing to ride it out, because she has no where to go, is wondering what will become of her body if she is killed in the storm. Neighbors who use to live next door and now live in the eye of the storm, wondering if they made the right decision to move permanently to Florida. Family members bracing for tidal surges and immense flooding, insurance agents and rebuilding.

It seems almost too much to bear in the last few weeks with Harvey, now Irma and the forest fires enveloping the west plus an 8.1 earthquake, terrorism, and DACA.  Life is dark today. Yet, I am an optimist, we are resiliant, fair and caring. We will roll up our sleeves and help others. Find shelter for those who have none and keep giving til it hurts.We will make laws to protect others, and contain global warming.  We will negotiate for peace and find common ground. It is always calm after the storm and it will be again.

Praying for Everyone today.


Original acrylic painting of the Gulf Coast done on 9" X 12" pressed paper. Ready for mat and frame.




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