MARCH OF THE TREES, or marching along in the studio.


“March of the Trees”   9″ X 12″on 150 lb. pressed paper

Today is #19 in my 30 in 30 challenge, you may have notices that this isn’t going very well. I have 5 days till the end of the month and 11 paintings to go. So I think I already lost the battle but not the war. The success of the whole exercise is keep marching along. I had decided long ago that for my own mental health that I needed to take weekends off. So that is what I do, I walk out of the studio on weekends and devote time to family and friends.

Just yesterday at church someone introduced me as a REAL ARTIST to one of her friends. She explained that I did all the sets for Park Avenue Theater. That got me thinking, working all day in the studio and running an art business for the last 10 years does not qualify me as an artist but designing sets twice a year for 6 years does. I guess it is all in the perspective of the beholder so I will just keep marching along with those trees.

Marching along painting one tree, one set, and one painting at a time.


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2 thoughts on “MARCH OF THE TREES, or marching along in the studio.

  1. sebland says:

    I found a lot of satisfaction in the Dick Blick 30 day Watercolor Challenge in July. Posting a painting every day seemed to increase a real interest among my Facebook friends, and after a long dry spell, I suddenly began selling! I sold seventeen paintings! Of course I also sold them at half price! Matted and unframed, they sold for $50 during one month only. I paid no commission, charged postage to the customer, and added nearly $700 to my vacation kitty (I double matted them, because they looked so much better). Since then, I’ve tried to do a painting a day, and I’m burning out! I decided this artist needs to dream a little while, then I’ll be back swinging that paintbrush, cause that’s what we do!

    • Dunmire Studios says:

      Thanks for the comment, as you said challenges can be used to spark creativity after a painters block. I am hoping to sell some of these during the Studio Tour the first weekend in October. After the tour I will no doubt take a break for the holidays than on to painting sets again. After all I am a REAL ARTIST. (LOL). Have a great day.😊

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