You will be seeing this everywhere

I am so excited that my book is finished and off to my awesome editor where his hands are massaging the pages. That’s Editor speak for making it flow so that it is a good read. This book is authentic and transparent as I describe my depths of lows and soaring highs as I travel toward the light and find my true authentic self. Only through Grace and Redemption did I find the strength to move forward .

Here is an excerpt from the back cover.

“Pamela Dunmire, acrylic painter and motivational speaker, shares her journey through life in a painterly fashion — layer by layer, with light and shadows and contrast. She describes times in her life that felt like dark spaces when painting her canvas, yet she found herself always drawn to the light.

Pamela is authentic and transparent as she describes the depths of her lows, and then she soars with high moments as she travels towards the light and finds her way. Pamela’s sound advice for living by faith and keeping positive will change your life forever.

A real tell it all book, it is not only a good read, but beautiful as she displays many of her original paintings throughout.”

Here is a picture photographed by the Art Docents taken at Prescott Center for the Arts. If you would love to read “Drawn by the Light, Finding Strength in Dark Spaces” get on my waiting list today. Or just go to and look for New Book

Hope to see you soon at a book signing near you.