I love to paint intuitively and that relates into abstraction on many occasions.  A beautiful abstract boutique art piece in the right colors can enhance your environment and create a beautiful mood, full of positive-energy. Check out these fun pieces that bring drama to your home. A beautiful Contemporary Accent for the discriminating collector


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Spring garden
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The murkiness of life can sometimes feel as if we are drowning.  What if we dove to find our inner peace?  Instead of drowning we would be floating in love.  For those scuba divers out there this has more than one meaning.  The pleasure of exploring another world. “Deep Under” 30″ X 30″. Acrylic on … Continue reading DEEP UNDER


In 2012 I experienced a  life changing illness that transitioned me toward a new life path.  I traveled from darkness to light, as I opened my eyes to see the marvelous me.  Where has your path taken you? “Finding The Path”,  30″ X 30″. Acrylic on 1 1/2″ Gallery Wrap Canvas, sides painted black and … Continue reading FINDING THE PATH


Sometimes I fall into a dream, magical and mystical.  Looking for fairies, or un-meet needs  My heart drifts to those lost moments and I see it is good for if I had found what I was missing I would not be a seeker. “Follow The Moon”  24″ X 24″. Acrylic on 1 1/2″ Gallery Wrap … Continue reading FOLLOW THE MOON


Sometimes life just needs to be put into compartments. It’s where I keep my secret thoughts and most outrageous plans, until I can tell of them in all their glory to the world. Red is a favorite color that brings energy into your home.  You can’t help but notice red.  So if you want that … Continue reading COMPARTMENTS


Riots of color and essences of fragrance become the senses of life when the summer garden flourishes.  Just as my heart yearns for bouquets of happiness the flowers bloom and I have joy again. “Summer Garden”, 30″ X 30″ Acrylic on 1 1/2″ Gallery Wrap Canvas, sides painted black and ready to hang. It is … Continue reading SUMMER GARDEN


This painting is decked out in Spring Colors.  An Abstract vision of my Gulf Coast visits in early spring when the snow was still thick in this part of the world. I thought I would drop it in my “Spring Collection” although it is not a new painting.  I am pricing it just right for … Continue reading CITYSCAPE