Nothing pulls a room together better than a beautiful piece of landscape art.  I offer colorful, positive energy  art to enhance your decor and set the mood for fine entertaining or a cozy night at home. Contemporary Art that is one of a kind and will make a statement for the most discriminating art collector.





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I love ponds, or anything that relates to water. It stills my soul and provides me a form of meditation. I grew up on a lake and remember many hours spent watching the sparkle of the sun’s reflection on the waves. It always lulled me into reflection and feelings of solitude. There was a patch … Continue reading CATTAILS


One of my favorite places to vacation is the Central Coast of California.  I use to live there before making my home in Arizona.  I enjoy traveling up the coast to Moro Bay where I love visiting the estuary that forms where the bay meets the land.  It is one of the most dynamic places … Continue reading Estuary

Reflecting Home

I call my self a water baby, I grew up on a lake in Southeastern Michigan.  Many of the images I paint reflect the movement of water.  This is one of my more abstract renditions of a sunset reflecting off the water.  It brings back memories of laying on my bed, gazing out the window … Continue reading Reflecting Home


I love rivers; they bring back wonderful memories from fishing with my dad to tubing with my kids. Rivers sustain life in places where little else can, providing relief from thirst and byways for travelers. A river can be a very magical place. River’s Bend,  a 20″ X 20″ Acrylic on 1 1/2″ Gallery Wrap … Continue reading RIVERS BEND


I love when the monsoons finally start up. After months of wind and heat the forests become tinder crisp and ready for fire; so it is wonderful when the monsoons storms come barreling in.  We had a huge gully washer the other day which brought much-needed rain, and inspiration to my pallet.  We have beautiful … Continue reading MONSOON LAKE

Winter Moon

The heat of the summer sun finds me resting on the deck with an ice-cold tea pressed against my cheek; suddenly I am transported to a frosty place.  I find the winter moon and must paint the experience.   Yes, sometimes my inspiration comes like this. “Winter Moon”  24″ X 24″.  Acrylic on 1 1/2″ Gallery … Continue reading Winter Moon


Sometimes a painting becomes very magical as this one did.  No matter how hard I tried to make it into something else, it kept coming back to this misty atmospheric dream state.  The water gently taking my inner most dreams and floating them into the open for all to see. “Dreamy Lagoon”  24″ X 24″.  … Continue reading DREAMY LAGOON


This painting took many turns before it told me what it needed.  In the Spring I try to make a trip back to the Central Coast to get my ocean fix. I usually stop in Moro Bay to visit the estuary, one of the most beautiful I have ever seen.  This year I can’t go … Continue reading CRANE CROSSING


In the mountains of Arizona the monsoons have been abundant this summer. The rivers are swollen and the wildflowers are everywhere in our forests. The monsoons also bring wonderful cloud formations and present stunning sunrises and sunsets. A friend of mine captured a sunrise while she was enjoying her morning coffee. I was so inspired … Continue reading PRESCOTT SUNRISE

Monsoon Wash

Living in the Dessert Southwest, Arizona to be exact, we wait in anticipation for the Monsoon season to begin in June.  The land is parched by the dry desert winds of May and is crying for the rains to come and bring life back to the arid environment.  Then it happens and the washes begin … Continue reading Monsoon Wash

Blue Bayou

Many times the inspiration for my paintings comes from an adventure I have read about and in my mind’s eye I have conjured up a feeling or mood.  This is how “Blue Bayou” came about.  I was experimenting with a palette of different shades of blue when a vision started to emerge. It was a … Continue reading Blue Bayou


Living in Arizona I have grown to love the distant call of the mesa, a land-form you only find in the Southwest.  I imagine seeing a lone stallion standing atop scouting his herd; the sun playing tricks on the landscape, illusions of water where none exists. I know it is a special place. “Sky Mesas” … Continue reading SKY MESAS


My favorite time of year is fall and one of the most beautiful trees and first to change in our area is the stately Liquid Amber.  Like clock work the first of September and they herald in the change of seasons by donning their colors. “Liquid Amber”  24″ X 24″, acrylic on 1 1/2″ gallery … Continue reading LIQUID AMBER


“Rebirth” can be seen in many forms; healing after an illness, the discovery of a new talent, springtime… My rebirth came after cancer when the Jonquils bloomed and I did too. “Jonquils” was painted as a YouTube video, I loved how it turned out. “Jonquils” 30″ X 30″ Acrylic on 1 1/2″ Gallery Wrap Canvas, … Continue reading Jonquils


Spring is a time for renewal, a positive spring forward away from the dormant winter into a bright new future.  The colors are crisp and clean and ready to jump off the spectrum.  Spring is the perfect time for reinventing yourself or starting new projects.  This is a great example of my Positive-Energy paintings.  It … Continue reading SPRING SET

Across The Pond

I grew up on a lake in Michigan and have always been partial to water as a nurturing substance, not just to feed your thirst but to feed your soul.  Through out my life I have always managed to live near water, even if it has been a man-made waterfall or creek built onto my … Continue reading Across The Pond


I use to live on the Central Coast of California over looking the San Luis Bay.  There the cliffs hung ripe with succulent blooms. The sea breezes beckoned you to stay as the surf whispered your every thought. Once a year I go back to quench my thirst for the ocean. I dream of the … Continue reading OCEAN DREAMS

Into The Woods

One of my favorite pass times in the late fall is hiking in the woods.  The deciduous forests are so haunting at this time of year. The trees are becoming bare the undergrowth still peeks through in shades of red and orange and a dusting of snow is settling.  A time to take a crisp … Continue reading Into The Woods