“Cattails”   24″ X 24″   $864

I love ponds, or anything that relates to water. It stills my soul and provides me a form of meditation. I grew up on a lake and remember many hours spent watching the sparkle of the sun’s reflection on the waves. It always lulled me into reflection and feelings of solitude. There was a patch of cattails near the shore in the shallowest part of the lake and I would wade in and pick a bouquet for my mom. I looked forward to it every fall when the flowers had faded the cattails stood tall and heralded the changing of the seasons.

” Cattails   24″ X 24″. Acrylic on 1 1/2″ Gallery Wrap Canvas, sides painted purple and ready to hang. It is finished with a UV coating to provide protection and to keep it archival.

Shipping is free in the USA.  $864

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