Into The Woods


“Into The Woods” 24″T X 36″W  $1,295

One of my favorite pass times in the late fall is hiking in the woods.  The deciduous forests are so haunting at this time of year. The trees are becoming bare the undergrowth still peeks through in shades of red and orange and a dusting of snow is settling.  A time to take a crisp jaunt and return to a blazing fire and hot cocoa.  Memories are made for that time when you are faraway from your homeland.

“Into The Woods”, 24″T X 36″W”, acrylic on 1 3/4″ Gallery Wrap Canvas, sides painted deep blue and ready to hang.  It is finished with a UV coating to provide protection and to keep it archival.

Shipping is free in the USA.

Into The Woods Acrylic Painting

24" X 36" Acrylic Painting on 1 3/4" Gallery Wrap Canvas, Sides painted Black and Ready to hang.



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