“Storms A Coming” 9″ X 12″ acrylic on vellum paper matted to 12″ X 16″ and ready to frame.

Storms A Coming

9" X 12" original acrylic painting on Vellum Paper, matted to 12" X 16" and ready to frame.


The Storms on the Mesa drench the arid soil with life giving water and soon the wildflowers begin to dance and the grass turns green. This is the most beautiful time of year when the Desert Southwest begins to bloom. This painting was created during my early morning practice session. This is when I experiment with color and movement and when the positive energy in my studio is at it’s highest.

This lovely 9″ X 12″ original one of a kind acrylic painting on Vellum paper is matted in white to the size of 12″ X 16″ and is ready to frame. Where else could you find an original acrylic painting for $75.00.

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