Cruising the Coast


“Cruising The Coast” Acrylic Study on 11′ X 14″ canvas

I could paint this picture blind folded, well actually maybe not but this stretch of the California Rte 101 is etched in my memory.  I commuted to work on this byway for nine years.  OK, in the painting I omitted the hotels, homes and restaurants that dot the shore, but I prefer to paint the coast in its pristine beginnings.  All those hotels, and homes have created traffic on the 101 and that is one of the reasons I no longer live there.  These days I prefer my small mountain town to crazy California traffic jams.

I do miss my ocean breezes and the smell of the salt air, walking the beach and fresh seafood, I could go on and on…. So our last road trip was back to the old stomping grounds around Pismo Beach.  It was perfect timing corresponding with my new “Road Trip” series  which I started this spring and will work on through the summer and into the fall. I hope to have a sweet slugh of painting about road tripping since it is one of the things I like to do best.  Road tripping gives me great inspiration for painting my positive-energy art, and many of these small studies will be inspirations for larger paintings.

So heres to Road Tripping, enjoying life and expressing myself one painting at a time.

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Juggling……. Life.


“Circus Act” 24″ X 24″ Acrylic on Gallery Wrap Canvas

Sometimes I have so much to do that I feel like a Juggler in the Circus; precariously positioned on a box, with both hands grabbing for all the different balls I have put into place.  I envisioned when I stepped into the entrepreneurial arena, that time would be my own to decide.  But that ain’t necessarily so…….  Deadlines that others impose, pressures I put upon my self… and of course the family that I sometimes feel I disappoint.  Am I standing in a three ring circus, or do I just not have that time management thing down pat?

Wait a minute….. I asked for this…… didn’t I say I wanted to be a working artist.

What I have come to realize is that when I step into the studio, and create from my heart…… and not let others influence my creativity, time is not a problem.  I create my own time…. there is always enough.  Now as the Juggler, my performance is flawless, my act is creative, I am the star.

Each day when I set my intention to do everything from a heart centered self, with God as my compass; the juggling becomes easy, the balls stay in the air till that perfect execution of time, when they fall easily into my hands.

Yes….. I am a Circus Act, and the Star to boot….