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Hi, This is Pam, have you ever wanted to paint in acrylics but just don’t know where to start? That was me about 10 years ago when I wanted to go from oils to acrylic because of the toxins in oils.  I was extremely confused by all the different types of acrylics on the market, hard body, soft body, fluid acrylics what did they all mean. I also wondered what the difference was in applying acrylics. It was all so confusing. I bought some pretty colors and dove in, but I wasn’t getting the results I wanted.  I almost gave up, but couldn’t bear not painting. So I plunged forward and made a lot of mistakes before it all came together.

So I want to ask you, do you want to avoid the pitfalls of self-discovery and learn the basics before you jump in head first?  It is simple to find that balance with the right mindset, paints and tools. We will paint together and I will show you the best techniques for you to achieve a  beautiful acrylic painting full of color, energy and movement.

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I will prepare you  for a successful creative journey in the relaxed atmosphere of your own home. My seven-lesson course will prep you and lead you through your own creative painting. Along the way you may find your muse, be inspired and  have a lot of fun. You will find it all in this course and more.

Lessons include: Exploring acrylic paints, Using the right tools, Understanding color, Finding your inspiration, How to lay in backgrounds, Next comes the foreground, and The devil is in the details.

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