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Spring garden
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Cone Flowers grow well in rocky soil, and the pesky javelina do not have a taste for them so they grow well in the gardens of Prescott.  I see many of them as the spring turns into summer.  They remind me of the everyday survival that goes on all about me, in this arid land. … Continue reading REACHING HIGH


“Thriving” was created from inspiration of the hot arid sun beating down on the high plateau. The soil is dry yet the flower thrives with little moisture. Just as I wait for the summer monsoons after a dry winter, I seek moisture for my parched soul yet I know my faith will sustain me. In … Continue reading THRIVING


  Iris is one of my favorite flowers to plant in this area of the world. They take little water which is perfect for an arid climate. It is also one of the few flowers that our pesky Javalina do not enjoy eating. So little wonder I have a garden full next to my stream … Continue reading IRIS


This time of year beckons me to paint flowers. After a long dry winter the parched earth is begging for a spring rain and the anticipated bloom of the spring garden. Well, at least I can have blossoms in my studio just waiting to be picked by you. “Spring Garden” 12″T X 16″W Acrylic on … Continue reading SPRING GARDEN


May’s that time of year that I enjoy planting all my flowers for the summer.  My favorite flowers for the planters on my deck and patio are geraniums. They are hardy just like me, they can live through a draught, bad times, or misfortune and still come back bright and beautiful. They brighten my life … Continue reading GERANIUMS

A Study Of Iris

This is what I call an early morning study.  Each day when I walk into the studio I start the day with a study.  I spend 10 or 15 minutes just painting what comes to mind and than I stop. This practice hones my skills and gets me ready for the rest of my day. … Continue reading A Study Of Iris