Winter’s End…The Cycle of Life

"Winters End" Acrylic Painting on Gallery Wrap Canvas, 24"T X 36"W

“Winter’s End” Acrylic Painting on Gallery Wrap Canvas, 24″T X 36″W

I am seeing the beginning of Spring in my neighborhood.  Beautiful Crab and Bradford Pear trees are in full blossom.  The days have warmed and the birds are chirping profusely.  It is amazing what a few weeks can bring forth.  It was only a month ago and we were blanketed by snow.  Nature and mother earth have cycled through their darkness and come full circle into the joys of Spring.

That is how our cycles of life flow, sometimes we face bitter cold and darkness, followed by times of plenty  and sunshine.  Many of us ask,” why can’t it always be light and happiness that shines on me.”  As a person of faith I know that you must face the cold in order to appreciate the warmth; hardship in order to recognize abundance; poverty of spirit in order to find the wealth of life.

However, it does not mean you need to be unhappy.  Take those cycles and use them as an opportunity to grow and bring clarity. Find purpose in all you do for Winter’s End is here and Spring is just around the corner.


Finding Your Path……

"Finding The Path" Acrylic on Gallery Wrap Canvas, 30" X 30"

“Finding The Path” Acrylic on Gallery Wrap Canvas, 30″ X 30″

It took me many years to find the right path, should I say I was a late bloomer.  One thing for certain, people would always show up at my door to talk.  I guess that is why I eventually became a counselor.  But….. there was that other side of me.  The creative person that was just waiting to jump out.

I remember watching my father paint, I loved that he could make something come alive. I wished that I could do that too.  But I would tell myself that I could never do what my father did, he was so good at it, and I, well was just a clumsy girl. It wasn’t until much later in my life actually when I was 37 that the passion of being an artist started percolating in my soul. That is how things come to me, they bubble and swirl around until they pour forth into action.

It was an epiphany, when I visited Ghost Ranch, that wonderful place in New Mexico where Georgia O’Keeffe painted so passionately; that I knew I was to become a painter.

I now know many years later that the path I took could only be right if I incorporated both my love to help people and my passion to paint, ergo this blog, my upcoming book and healing seminars through art.

I found my path and humbly hope that I can make a better world, a kinder place, a happier and joyful life for those I touch.


Reflecting Home……

"Reflecting Home" 30" x 30" Acrylic on Gallery Wrap Canvas

“Reflecting Home” 30″ x 30″ Acrylic on Gallery Wrap Canvas

Dreaming of my childhood today…  I can’t deny that I am a water baby, being raised on a lake in Michigan.  It wasn’t until I was older that I realized what a special and privileged life I had.  Laying in my bed in the mornings I could watch the Herons flying low over the water and diving deep to catch a bass.  Fly fishing with my dad on the shore of our property, making my fort under a big Willow at the waters edge, and rowing my boat across the lake to visit my best friend, are childhood memories I will never forget.

No wonder that I am drawn to the reflections of water, and how the light bounces off the ripples.  Water is an amazing thing to paint. Years later when I lived on the Coast of California, I would paint the waves crashing against the rocks, or gently washing onto the beach.

Now this water baby finds herself living in Arizona where water is so precious.  Here we say, “Whiskey is for Drinking and Water is for fighting over.”  I still have small reflections of home where ever I live and always have a water feature on my property to enhance my life through sound and reflection, light patterns and color.  Occasionally when I get really sentimental I will paint those memories.  My newest painting “Reflecting Home” is an example.  What are your precious reflections of home?


Compartmentalizing Our Lives

" Compartments" Acrylic on Gallery Wrap Canvas 30" x 30"

” Compartments” Acrylic on Gallery Wrap Canvas
30″ x 30″

Sometimes I put things in boxes and take them out when I need to. It makes life easier.  You know what I mean, I have the ME that my family sees(box #1), and the ME who the public sees(box #2).  I wouldn’t dare leave the house without makeup… but at home sometimes it is just easier to rest the face…giggle.

No really, we do compartmentalize, it is a form of protection and survival.  If you put something in a box and tape it up good and tight, it can’t come out.  That’s what we do with old memories, and slights, and inadequacies, and other things that make us feel less than.  It is also what gives us stress, ulcers, back aches and headaches.

How about those boxes get decorated with pretty bows, so that we look forward to opening them up.  It is alright to put things in Compartments so we can deal with them when the time is right… or it’s safe now… or I’ve grown up; but dealing with all those feeling in those pretty boxes we must do, in order to move forward and be all that we want.

Even in later years, I have had to open boxes that sat on my minds shelf and say, “What the heck is in here, that is making me stuck”.  I found those old saying that I heard as a child, “you are not good enough”, “don’t do that, it’s not how we do things in OUR FAMILY”, “girls should act proper”, yadda yadda…….

Now I just wrap those old boxes up in bright colors with big bows and send them off into the universe…. Those are old memories and slights; not who I am now.. Now my compartments have paint tubes and canvases in them……


Thoughts Run Deep….. the patterns of life.

Running Deep, Mixed Median on Paper

Running Deep, Mixed Media on Paper

After days of hibernating undercover, listlessly waiting for the cold and snow to stop, I am back in the studio.  Sometimes melancholy runs deep when I am tired and my energy is spent.  After weeks of cold and snow, ice storms, sleet and long days of travel it felt good to wrap myself in warmth and deepness.

Thoughts run deep during this period……this is when I hear that deep small voice of my God, gently nudging me back to life.  This is when my thankfulness is deep within my heart.  This is the place where my dreams materialize into thoughts and actions.  This is where I become energized and my creativeness begins to blossom again.

Today I stepped back into the studio, and creating called me, it spewed forth.  It sang the deep song that I had nurtured all those days.  I am back……


Juggling……. Life.


“Circus Act” 24″ X 24″ Acrylic on Gallery Wrap Canvas

Sometimes I have so much to do that I feel like a Juggler in the Circus; precariously positioned on a box, with both hands grabbing for all the different balls I have put into place.  I envisioned when I stepped into the entrepreneurial arena, that time would be my own to decide.  But that ain’t necessarily so…….  Deadlines that others impose, pressures I put upon my self… and of course the family that I sometimes feel I disappoint.  Am I standing in a three ring circus, or do I just not have that time management thing down pat?

Wait a minute….. I asked for this…… didn’t I say I wanted to be a working artist.

What I have come to realize is that when I step into the studio, and create from my heart…… and not let others influence my creativity, time is not a problem.  I create my own time…. there is always enough.  Now as the Juggler, my performance is flawless, my act is creative, I am the star.

Each day when I set my intention to do everything from a heart centered self, with God as my compass; the juggling becomes easy, the balls stay in the air till that perfect execution of time, when they fall easily into my hands.

Yes….. I am a Circus Act, and the Star to boot….


Chasing the Dream……

“Chasing the Dream” 36″ x 36″ Acrylic on Gallery Wrap Canvas

I just came back from an incredible week-long workshop with Jeanne Bessette, in Raleigh, NC.  WOW, all heart and inner work…. Kinda Scary, right, but all so revealing…. I discovered the REAL ME…

What a wonderful freeing moment to find the true, unaltered, depth of the soul me. To discover, that much of what I was chasing in life was actually someones else agenda. As I looked at a person’s life and would think, I want that…don’t they look happy, aren’t they rich and famous.  I was chasing their dreams.  No wonder I was treading water, when I was trying to swim a marathon.

One must find their own journey through life, one that suits them down to their bones; one that leaves them sobbing with fear and excitement. The goosebumps just popped….. That’s the feeling you want…

During my week-long transformation I created many soul-searching paintings.  “Chasing the Dream” above, was that break through piece that switched the energy level from mildly excited to Holy Moly…. I got this.

Chase your true bone defining, goosebumps popping dream and step into it.  Your peeps will find you.


That perfect love.

Well here it is Valentines Day, that time of year when we publicly avow our love to those we hold dear.  Or maybe it is a commercial endeavor by the greeting card and candy companies.

Many of you are singles, for various reasons and Valentines can be difficult…..  Or we have had a heartbreaking experience that makes Valentines an awful anniversary.

It took me many years to appreciate Valentines….. Once I learned to love myself, forgive others and discover the perfect love; I began to truly understand this day.  My perfect love is Christ centered. A love that comes from deep in to all humanity; even those I don’t like I try to love.

It’s hard to love our enemies, how about ISIS, the epitome of evil, or the person down the street who isn’t like me. Or that pesky person who tries to get me to think their way.  How can you love someone like them?

God tells us to love our enemies and to forgive our enemies, I try each day during meditation to send blessings though out the world especially those places and to those people who I find difficult to love.

Those who may find blessings may learn to love, may themselves begin to forgive, and turn away from evil.  They may learn to accept others put down their swords or barbed tongues and love in peace.

Today I wish all of you a perfect love, and many blessings on this Valentines Day.

Pushing Forward….Life Lessons

"Pushing Forward"  24"T x 18"W  Acrylic on Gallery Wrap Canvas. http://www.pameladunmirefineart

“Pushing Forward” 24″T x 18″W Acrylic on Gallery Wrap Canvas.

Some days you awake mired in problems, wanting to reveal your true self, but afraid to move forward.  Fear takes over, for no good reason and unmet dreams fade away.

We have all had days like this, where no matter what you try, you feel stuck.  As an artist, this happens frequently….. I have repainted a canvas, so many times it becomes heavy.  It is usually my fear of failure rearing it’s ugly head.  Instead of joyously walking into the studio for a day of experimentation, I conjure up self-talk, “I have to produce that perfect painting”.

When I stop and let go…. feel the presence of God…..and tap into my own energy that is when I can push forward and create from my soul.

This doesn’t just happen in the studio, it can happen in everyday life.  Find your center, connect with God and lean into your true energy and you can accomplish what ever you desire.  Try Pushing Forward.


Digging Deep

The Faires Are Hidding

“The Fairies are Hiding” 18″ x 18″ on Gallery Wrap

Sometimes it is scary to really search your feelings.  To dig down deep into the heart of your soul.  This is where the fairies live. That magical deep-rooted inner soul that knows what is best for me.  My God centered self.  It is where I am in touch with my energy, what I know to be true about me.

As an artist, I have a gift “to bring these fairies out”, so to speak, through a visual pallet, my canvas….  It helps me to see the true me.  My hopes, dreams and demons.

My inner world can be very colorful, serene or chaotic, which ever I choose to portray.  Today it is hopeful…waiting for those fairies to come out of hiding.