Juggling……. Life.


“Circus Act” 24″ X 24″ Acrylic on Gallery Wrap Canvas http://www.pameladunmirefineart.com

Sometimes I have so much to do that I feel like a Juggler in the Circus; precariously positioned on a box, with both hands grabbing for all the different balls I have put into place.  I envisioned when I stepped into the entrepreneurial arena, that time would be my own to decide.  But that ain’t necessarily so…….  Deadlines that others impose, pressures I put upon my self… and of course the family that I sometimes feel I disappoint.  Am I standing in a three ring circus, or do I just not have that time management thing down pat?

Wait a minute….. I asked for this…… didn’t I say I wanted to be a working artist.

What I have come to realize is that when I step into the studio, and create from my heart…… and not let others influence my creativity, time is not a problem.  I create my own time…. there is always enough.  Now as the Juggler, my performance is flawless, my act is creative, I am the star.

Each day when I set my intention to do everything from a heart centered self, with God as my compass; the juggling becomes easy, the balls stay in the air till that perfect execution of time, when they fall easily into my hands.

Yes….. I am a Circus Act, and the Star to boot….



That perfect love.

Well here it is Valentines Day, that time of year when we publicly avow our love to those we hold dear.  Or maybe it is a commercial endeavor by the greeting card and candy companies.

Many of you are singles, for various reasons and Valentines can be difficult…..  Or we have had a heartbreaking experience that makes Valentines an awful anniversary.

It took me many years to appreciate Valentines….. Once I learned to love myself, forgive others and discover the perfect love; I began to truly understand this day.  My perfect love is Christ centered. A love that comes from deep in to all humanity; even those I don’t like I try to love.

It’s hard to love our enemies, how about ISIS, the epitome of evil, or the person down the street who isn’t like me. Or that pesky person who tries to get me to think their way.  How can you love someone like them?

God tells us to love our enemies and to forgive our enemies, I try each day during meditation to send blessings though out the world especially those places and to those people who I find difficult to love.

Those who may find blessings may learn to love, may themselves begin to forgive, and turn away from evil.  They may learn to accept others put down their swords or barbed tongues and love in peace.

Today I wish all of you a perfect love, and many blessings on this Valentines Day.