Reflecting Back, memories in Black and White

"Reflections with Red" Acrylic on Watercolor Paper 6.5" X 5"

“Reflections with Red” Acrylic on Watercolor Paper 6.5″ X 5″

Remember those old black and white photos, of the family.  Old Granny on the steps of the house looking stern along side grandpa.  I have a few of those, that have been passed down to me from my mother’s side.  My dad’s side of the family is more mysterious, no pictures and no memories but ironically I can trace the genealogy back to pre-revolutionary war times, but no black and whites.

Many of us would just as soon not identify with our ancestors… but I think it is a key to who we are. How far back did that talent for art materialize? Where did I get that wry humor?

I worked for many years in the adoption field.  I tried very hard to get as much information as possible about birth families.  It is important to know…  It makes one whole… I even tried to pass along some of those old black and whites.

We all innately need to know where we came from; remember the mini-series Roots. Ancestors help identify that you came from a clan, even if you have never lived with them.  The collective consciousness of your family is always with you; it is one of the reasons, you are who you are.  Go dig out those black and whites this weekend.


Reflecting Home……

"Reflecting Home" 30" x 30" Acrylic on Gallery Wrap Canvas

“Reflecting Home” 30″ x 30″ Acrylic on Gallery Wrap Canvas

Dreaming of my childhood today…  I can’t deny that I am a water baby, being raised on a lake in Michigan.  It wasn’t until I was older that I realized what a special and privileged life I had.  Laying in my bed in the mornings I could watch the Herons flying low over the water and diving deep to catch a bass.  Fly fishing with my dad on the shore of our property, making my fort under a big Willow at the waters edge, and rowing my boat across the lake to visit my best friend, are childhood memories I will never forget.

No wonder that I am drawn to the reflections of water, and how the light bounces off the ripples.  Water is an amazing thing to paint. Years later when I lived on the Coast of California, I would paint the waves crashing against the rocks, or gently washing onto the beach.

Now this water baby finds herself living in Arizona where water is so precious.  Here we say, “Whiskey is for Drinking and Water is for fighting over.”  I still have small reflections of home where ever I live and always have a water feature on my property to enhance my life through sound and reflection, light patterns and color.  Occasionally when I get really sentimental I will paint those memories.  My newest painting “Reflecting Home” is an example.  What are your precious reflections of home?