Workshop Offerings



Park Avenue Art Place

630 Park Ave. Prescott, AZ 86305

REGISTER TODAY    Join me in the cool mountain pines of Prescott.

JULY 14-15


This energizing and intuitive workshop is for  artists with intermediate skill levels through professionals.  This  two-day workshop is geared toward a small intimate teacher student environment.  No more than 6 students per class.  Lots of hands on instruction, and experimentation.  Learn to paint with color, movement and energy.  TWO DAY WORKSHOP ONLY $150.00


Private classes in the Studio

A whole day with Pamela in her home studio, gourmet lunch provided. Get to paint with the artist and enjoy a one on one environment.  Contact below to schedule an appointment.  PRIVATE PAINTING CLASS $80.00

OR 2 hour lessons with the artist   $35.00

5 thoughts on “Workshop Offerings

  1. Greta Stromberg says:

    Pam I am unable to attend the upcoming July workshop I have a speaking engagment at a recovery retreat that weekend. I know it will be fabulous the work you do is so inspiring.

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