Pamela in the Studio.



“I never know what my art will become until the journey is over, and that may not happen until it reaches your soul”


Before I became a full-time artist, I was a social worker and family counselor for many years. I saw that people who had broken spirits rarely picked themselves up. A single reflection of hope, in many cases, could be the trigger to make all the difference. Art became my solace after a long day of helping others who were stuck in a mire of self destruction and hopelessness. It brought normalcy and hope to my life, so why couldn’t it bring this to others? If I were able to help a person move into a positive direction simply by viewing my art or teaching them how to create there own art they could look at life differently and change their lives for the better.

It is little wonder I try to find that spark of hope in all I do. As an artist the themes of hope and positive energy carry through all my work. I choose to paint art that is full of movement, positive-energy, and color to uplift my spirit and the spirits of others. Through my workshops I teach others to find wholeness through art.

People who place my Positive-Energy Boutique Art in their homes have a constant reminder of an experience, mood, feeling or trigger that helps them to see past a broken spirit and onto abundance and happiness. My customers tell me how happy they are every time they walk past one of my paintings; it lifts their spirit.

What better reason to paint and counsel through teaching than to bring joy and happiness to others.




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